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  • reinforced polypropylene tote hs-w01
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  • polypropylene tote tray hs-w04
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  • reinforced polypropylene tote hs-w06
  • polypropylene box hs-w07
  • reinforced polypropylene tote hs-w08
  • reinforced polypropylene tote tray hs-w10
  • polypropylene box hs-w11

Products for the logistical movement of goods are Agressor's specialty.

Agressor designs and manufactures products specifically for your workflow using a variety of materials - steel, canvas, nylon, polypropylene and other plastics - ensuring the right material is used to meet your requirements.

We are very proud of our long-standing relationship with Australia Post - for over 25 years we have supplied these products to Australia's national postal service, satisfying their stringent quality requirements, and all Large Letter Trays (LLTs) and Folding Unit Load Devices (FULDs) comply with Australia Post's state-of-the-art Siemens Tray Management System.

Agressor also supplies services for the cleaning, maintenance and recycling of all mail handling and logistics products.

Contact us today to find out how Agressor can help your business with logistics products and services.

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"Henry started Agressor all those years ago basically to help a mate who needed some hard-to-get supplies. That spirit of helping and building relationships pervades our family and our company, underpinning everything we do.
"Make Agressor a part of your business strategy, and you'll have
a partner who is totally committed to your business's success - our family's reputation depends on it!"
- Richard Spira, Executive Director